ArizOTA Standing Committees

Committee Chair(s) E-mail Address
Finance Heidi Carpenter
Nominations and Recognitions Katherine Schofield
Education Heidi Carpenter
Marketing and Public Relations

Alyssa Concha-Chavez
Stephanie Ramirez
Publications Open
Legislative Affairs Sue Dahl-Popolizio
Wade McDowell

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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall recommend to the Board of Directors a budget for the succeeding fiscal year, shall propose changes in the fee structure of ArizOTA, and may propose and shall oversee all financial activities of ArizOTA, including but not limited to budgets, dues, fund-raising, grants, contracts, investments, endowments, and scholarship funds.

Nominations and Recognitions Committee

The Nominations and Recognitions Committee shall prepare a slate of one or more eligible candidates for offices of the ArizOTA, which shall be sent to the membership through printed or electronic communication with instructions on the voting procedure. The Committee shall also recommend policies for eligibility or guidelines for award procedures to the Board of Directors. The Committee shall review all candidates for and shall select recipients of all recognitions, awards and grants given by ArizOTA.

Education Committee

The Education Committee shall plan and implement the educational programs at annual ArizOTA conferences and other educational meetings, in addition to coordination of all continuing education programs planned by any Special Interest Sections of ArizOTA.

Marketing and Public Relations Committee

The Marketing and Public Relations Committee shall be responsible for planned efforts to influence public opinion positively regarding the profession of Occupational Therapy in Arizona through name identification, service promotion, internal and external publicity, public awareness and special events such as fundraising and participation in promotional activities.

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee shall be responsible for compilation and publication of the ArizOTA Newsletter, Membership Directory, and other publications of ArizOTA. The Publications Committee shall act as a resource to other standing and ad hoc committees in the matter of publications (i.e. development of brochures).

Legislative Affairs Committee

The Legislative Affairs Committee shall be responsible for reviewing bills coming before the Arizona State Legislature and devise a process to respond to those bills that affect the practice of occupational therapy. This committee shall also solicit and disseminate information on reimbursement issues on a state level. Duties shall include working with members to problem-solve current reimbursement problems. When needed, the committee shall initiate efforts that may lead to increased coverage of occupational therapy services. The appointed Chairperson and committee shall have regularly scheduled meetings with the ArizOTA lobbyist when the corporation employs such a lobbyist.

Ad Hoc Committee

These committees shall serve for the duration of the appointed task or for one year, whichever is shorter. The ad hoc committee shall have a clearly defined mission, which will be recorded in the minutes. The committee shall submit a budget request if appropriate for the function of the committee’s tasks. The committee shall have an appointed Chairperson who will report to the President and the Board of Directors on the progress of the committee no less than four times per year including the year end report. The Ad Hoc Committee’s term and the Chairperson’s term may be extended at the President and the Board of Directors’ request.