Telehealth Outcomes

ArizOTA Telehealth Outcomes Tracking Project

Are you an Arizona practitioner providing OT services through telehealth during the COVID-19 public health emergency?

Do you want to contribute to OT research?

ArizOTA is enlisting the participation of OTs and OTAs from across the state and in ALL practice areas to gather and share their experiences with providing telehealth during the state emergency. This data will be used in support of Arizona House Bill 2536, an inter-professional telemedicine bill aimed at recognizing occupational therapy practitioners (as well as PT, SLP, and ATC practitioners) as telehealth providers in the state of Arizona. ArizOTA also plans to publish its findings to add to the current literature supporting telehealth OT. 

How to Participate:

1. GATHER DATA: Using the data tracker and recipient feedback survey templates provided below, record key information for the clients/patients/students you treat through telehealth during the COVID-19 emergency. You can adjust the template to your specific needs; the most important thing is to keep track of how you are using telehealth and your experiences with it.

2. COMPLETE SURVEY: After gaining IRB approval, ArizOTA will email you a series of short surveys to gather information regarding your experiences with telehealth. You can use the details you recorded on the data tracker and recipient feedback surveys to help you fill out the surveys. 

Questions? Let us know.

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