The Hand Center
May 4, 2023
The Hand Center, 9225 n 3rd st, suite 101, Phoenix, Az, 85020, PHOENIX
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Opportunity to work as a  hand therapist at The Hand Center in Phoenix,  Arizona. This  hand surgery practice as well as the hand therapy department was founded over 40 years ago.  You will work directly with two experienced hand surgeons. At The Hand Center you will treat a wide variety of patients including industrial injuries, arthritis, trauma and sports injuries. You will be able to observe surgeries on patients that you have treated  preoperatively and will then  be able to treat postoperatively.  The position is open to CHT's as well as occupational therapists (including recent grads) who have a special interests in hands and upper extremities.  Over the years we have helped mentor the therapists to increase their skills and have specifically provided time to study for the CHT exam.  All who have worked in the office have passed the exam on their first try.

Please contact:
Mitchel Lipton, M.D.
cell 602-321-7166