ArizOTA Special Interest Sections

ArizOTA recognizes and supports the establishment of Special Interest Sections (SIS) related to delineated areas of occupational therapy practice. The purposes of Special Interest Sections shall be to:

1. Develop knowledge and skills in specific areas of occupational therapy practice;

2. Promote continuing education within recognized Special Interest Sections;

3. Promote research within the Special Interest Sections;

4. Promote publications within the Special Interest Sections;

5. Function as a resource or collaborate with any body of ArizOTA; 

6. Respond to emerging issues, both internal and external to ArizOTA as they relate to specialty areas of occupational therapy.



Special Interest Section


E-mail Address

Teaching and Learning SIS Tamara Turner
Pediatric SIS Tyler Michael
Neuro SIS Sharon Buchanan
Tucson Group SIS Chester “Chad” Spear
Postsecondary Transition SIS Christopher Trujillo
Home Health (Adult) SIS Heidi Carpenter
Telehealth SIS Mary Schmitz
Home Modification SIS Emily Reilly