Call for Papers

The Arizona Occupational Therapy Association accepts Call for Paper submissions for speaker presentations on a rolling basis year-round for our future annual Fall and Spring conferences. Please use the Call for Papers form below to submit your proposal. 

ArizOTA’s Spring Conference is a one-day event generally held every other year in March or April (next Spring Conference will be held Spring 2024). Fall Conference is generally held every year in September or October as a two-day event on Friday and Saturday. 

ArizOTA seeks dynamic speakers who will present about various aspects of occupational therapy, such as emerging practice areas, new evidence-based practice guidelines, and assessment and intervention strategies for individuals across the lifespan.

Applicants may select to present a one-hour presentation, two-hour short course, half-day, full-day or poster presentation.  Final length is based on a final agreement between the Speaker and the Conference Planning Committee to best meet the needs of the Conference schedule.

Dates, location, and speaker availability are subject to change unless specifically indicated above. All submissions for call for papers will be submitted to the conference committee for review.  If chosen a committee representative will contact you. If you have any questions, please contact us at

All Speaker slots for the 2022 Fall Conference have been booked at this time.

The Call for Papers is a rolling application, you may access the Call for Papers form below.