The Department of Developmental Disability (DDD) is in the process of proposing rate changes for services provided to their clients. One of the changes being looked at is the therapy rates. However, it was found that the rate difference between therapist and therapy assistants had too great of a difference. The significantly low rate for Therapy Assistants will negatively impact employers, current/future occupational therapy assistants, the occupational therapy assistant educational programs. If this domino affect happens, this will greatly impact client coverage for therapy services.

Read the Rate Rebase Project that ArizOTA Legislative Group put to together for details.

Thank you,
Jodi Lindstrom
ArizOTA President
To All ArizOTA Members, this is the time of year ArizOTA offers you the opportunity to nominate your colleagues, outstanding citizens and organizations to be honored for their contributions to the field of occupational therapy. This nomination also includes service to our clients and/or state organization. Who has impacted your career in occupational therapy in the state of Arizona? Who has helped to promote occupational therapy through their work, volunteerism and/or projects? PLEASE TAKE SOME TIME to consider the hard-working, enthusiastic individuals who deserve to be recognized for their work. The awards will be presented during the 2014 Annual Fall State Conference scheduled September 19 – 20, 2014.

Your nomination(s) will be accepted via e-mail or USPS. The nomination form may be downloaded from the ArizOTA website (, or you may fill out the enclosed form in your newsletter and mail to Brenda Hubbell, 3-Year Board Member and Nominations Committee Chair (see address below). When using USPS to mail the form, fold the paper in half so that the address to Brenda Hubbell is displayed, tape it together and add a stamp. Read the listing of the Awards, definitions and qualifications and send in your nomination(s) today! If you wish to contact Brenda Hubbell with questions or to confirm receipt of your nomination(s), please call her at (602) 750-6778. The deadline for receiving your nomination(s) is August 20, 2014.

Electronic mail (is preferred) to Brenda Hubbell: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
USPS mail can be sent to: Brenda Hubbell, P.O. Box 11076, Tempe, AZ, 85284

Click here to download more information and the nomination form

ArizOTA Research Grant

To contribute to the body of knowledge about outcomes of occupational therapy evaluation and/or treatment.
Investigation of other issues relevant to the profession of occupational therapy, especially those relevant to the state of Arizona

Grant funds may be awarded in any amount, up to $500.00

Download the eligibility requirements here!

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